iStock_000050347686_Large_480The feeling that your body has betrayed you and is not functioning as expected on a very basic level, along with the social, marital and personal ramifications of infertility, often lead to feelings of frustration, pain, despair and failure. The social taboo on this subject causes the woman and couple to experience the fertility treatments with a deep sense of isolation. The repeated ultrasounds, blood tests, checkups and invasive procedures the woman must go through leave her feeling physically depleted and estranged from her body, the body that has betrayed her. Due to the nature of fertility treatments the couple’s intimate life is exposed to the medical staff and precisely timed, adding another stressful element to their lives. The woman’s self-image is greatly affected by the feeling of helplessness.
These are some of the emotional and physical challenges that women and couples are faced with. At Merkaz Panim we offer a combined intervention addressing both body and soul to help nurture and support this population through this difficult time.