The Benefits of Yoga

One of our very first clients tells the story of how she came to Merkaz Panim: She had been going through fertility treatments, unsuccessfully, for a few years by then and had yet another one coming up. She was walking through the hospital parking lot when all of a sudden she stopped and said to [...]

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The Benefits of Massage Therapy

I remember one woman’s tip on getting pregnant. She told me to have a glass of red wine every evening. When I heard her advice I rolled my eyes and shook my head, “Another bubbie mayse (old wives’ tale)! Don’t even start with me!” I told her.” “No, I’m telling you this just so you’ll [...]

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The Fertility Challenge

The feeling that your body has betrayed you and is not functioning as expected on a very basic level, along with the social, marital and personal ramifications of infertility, often lead to feelings of frustration, pain, despair and failure. The social taboo on this subject causes the woman and couple to experience the fertility treatments [...]

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